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DAPOW G21 4.0HP Home Shock-absorbing Treadmill

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It uses a 4.0HP high-speed motor, with an operating speed range of 1.0-20km/h,no noise throughout the process, a maximum load-bearing capacity of 150kg, a running belt range of 1400*510mm, and a packaging size of 1840*870*545mm.Product parameter.

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Motor power DC4.0HP
Voltage 220-240V/110-120V
Speed range 1.0-20KM/H
Running area 1400X510MM
G.W/N.W 105KG/85KG
Max. load capacity 150KG
Package size 18400X870X290MM
Loading QTY 77piece/STD 40 HQ


Product Description

1. The G21 model treadmill is our company's latest designed treadmill, equipped with the latest fitness technology innovations.

2. The design of the G21 treadmill is different from conventional treadmills. In addition to the conventional Bluetooth connection and heart rate detection functions, it also uses paddle-type speed adjustment buttons, which gives the treadmill a strong sense of technology.

3. About the G21 treadmill, it has a powerful 4.0 HP motor and can automatically incline. In addition, for novice exercisers, it is also designed with AI intelligent monitoring, which can record exercise data and formulate a fitness plan suitable for athletes based on the data.

4. In terms of appearance, the G21 treadmill adopts a large high-definition screen design. At the same time, it can touch the screen to play music videos, so that exercise is no longer lonely. The treadmill body adopts a matte frosted design, giving the body a more technological feel.

5. In terms of stability and quietness, when exercising at home, you are always worried about disturbing your family and neighbors. The G21 treadmill has a multi-layer running belt with innovative shock absorption, allowing you to run at full speed on the water without ripples. Built-in silent motor, running smoothly without disturbing people.

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