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DAPOW C7-530 Best Running Exercise Treadmills Machine

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The C7 professional treadmill has four windows, a 53cm luxury treadmill, a 4.0PH powerful motor, a maximum weight of 300 kg, fully automatic intelligent refueling, 20-gear slope adjustment, and a cool atmosphere light. You can choose from 18km/h competitive speed. It is a high-tech gymnasium-level treadmill that can be used at home and used commercially.

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Motor power DC4.0HP
Voltage 220-240V/110-120V
Speed range 1.0-18KM/H
Running area 1450X530MM
G.W/N.W 108KG/95KG
Max. load capacity 150KG
Package size 1830x960x430MM
Loading QTY 82piece/STD 40 HQ


Product Description

The 0-20 electric gradient lift and high frequency 4.0HP silent motor, with no jamming, high performance, can improve the efficiency of sports more efficiently and make sports more professional and interesting. You should know that mountaineering is conducive to leg beauty and hip lifting. At the same time, you don't have to worry about disturbing your family and neighbors. The whole process of sports is silent, so you can use it at ease.

The material is made of refined steel material, the column with thick muscle feeling, the strong and refined steel column formed in one body, with its own strong air field, high-density green paint, high-grade texture, high-quality thick and refined steel column, 100+10000 times of stamping damage test, absolutely hard, and the maximum weight of the user can reach 300 kg.

Air-Pro double-layer running platform shock absorption system can restore the true running feeling and release the gravity of the foot. The air double-layer gun platform+10mm buffer space uses the high elastic force and reaction force to release the pressure generated in the running process one by one to protect the knee from injury.

Comprehensive visual data display, with four large windows, as well as gorgeous atmosphere lights, hand-held button heart rate, real-time adjustment of movement according to heart rate, and 18km/h competitive speed at your choice.

Full-automatic refueling, one-time refueling and automatic maintenance ensure smooth and smooth operation, thus solving the problem of traditional refueling, which is dirty, tired and annoying, and more effectively extending the service life of the running belt.

Don't hesitate, it is the savior of exercise in your life. With it, you can exercise anytime and anywhere at home, more efficient and effective exercise, and no longer need to go to the gym.

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