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DAPOW B6-420&B6-440 2.5HP Home Luxury Fitness Treadmill

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The B6-420 Treadmill is a powerful piece of multipurpose fitness equipment designed to help you achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home. The speed range is 1.0-14km/h, and the running area is 420*1220mm, which meets the needs of beginners and advanced runners. And B6-420 treadmill is equipped with a high-quality 2.5HP power motor to ensure a smooth and stable exercise experience. The motor is also designed for self-refueling, which makes maintenance a breeze. At the same time, it can be equipped with 15 sections of electric lift function and AC motor configuration, so hurry up and get started.

  • Motor power: DC2.5HP
  • Voltage: 220-240V/110-120V
  • Speed range : 1.0-14KM/H
  • Running area: 420*1220MM
  • G.W/N.W : 53KG/45.5KG
  • Max. load capacity : 100KG
  • Package size: 1660*765*290MM
  • Loading QTY : 193piece/STD 40 HQ
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    Treadmill B6-420 with 2.5 HP motor: It delivers power smoothly and without noise,while the speed range of 1.0-14km/h allows you to choose your desired intensity level.

    The 420*1220mm running area makes the exercise more ideal: allowing any user to walk on the ground, providing an ideal area for running.

    Treadmill B6-420 have a streamlined control panel for easy operation: User-friendly interface and program feedback make the movement easier

    To make your workout even more enjoyable, the B6-420 treadmill comes with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to play English and connect to various apps. This means you can stream your favorite music or TV shows while you work out or monitor your progress using various fitness tracking apps..

    Health and safety are also a top priority, which is why the B6-420 treadmill features SynFlyer flexible shock absorption system. This system provides more knee protection and safety, reducing the risk of injuries and ensuring you have a comfortable workout experience.

    For added convenience and customization, the B6-420 treadmill also offers an optional 15-section electric lift function and AC motor configuration. This lets you adjust the incline and intensity of your workout to match your fitness level and training goals.

    The treadmill B6-420 has powerful performance, beautiful appearance and affordable price,it can be said to be a good choice for home folding treadmill, please quickly add treadmill B6-420 in your shopping list, let’s running right now!

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