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DAPOW B5-4010 Home Use Cheap Running Treadmill

Short Description:

The B5-4010 treadmill is a treadmill with a high sales volume since the creation of the DAPAO factory. The 2.0HP motor, a speed range of 1.0-12km/h and a running range of 400 * 1100mm are the basic standard parameters of a treadmill. This treadmill meets all standards well, coupled with its excellent price, which is the basic reason why this treadmill has maintained its sales volume. At the same time, it has many other functions, such as three-gear slope adjustment, Self service refueling, Bluetooth connection. Buy a B5-4010 treadmill and leave it at home for the elderly and children to rest assured of using. It is a very safe treadmill.

  • Motor power: 2.0HP
  • Rated Voltage: AC220-240V/50HZ AC110-120V/60HZ
  • Speed range : 1.0-12km/H
  • Control Panel: P1-p12, three counting modes; 3.5-inch black LCD on blue background; hydraulic folding pole; heart rate; 3 STEP INCLINE
  • Running area: 400*1100mm
  • Expand Size: 1335*602*1220mm
  • Folding size: 1350*602*218mm
  • Packing Size: 1415*695*245mm
  • Packaging method: Poly foam+Five layers of kraft paper
  • G.W/N.W : 35kg/40kg
  • Optional function: Multifunctional components、(20USD) Bluetooth Speaker(3USD)
  • Loading QTY: 120piece/STD 20 250piece/STD 40 274piece/STD 40 HQ
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    Treadmill B5-4010, as a lightweight and intelligent home-folding treadmill, it is equipped with 2.0 HP motor power, which can provides sufficient power and ensure smooth running during the exercise.

    Treadmill B5-4010 is dainty and practical, 400*1100mm running area can perfectly meet your daily use, and fold the area of small so that you can store it in your house easily.

    B5-4010 treadmill has a user-friendly control panel with various functions, you can not only measure heart rate through it, but also have 3 step  incline to adjust the incline.

    Not only B5-4010 treadmill is very excellent, we still equipped with excellent after-sales service ensures to solve your various after-sales problems perfectly, let you have no worries. What are you waiting for? Come and buy it right now.

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