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DAPOW A2 90° Upright wall Walking Bluetooth intelligent Treadmills

Short Description:

The A2 intelligent treadmill is flexible and can be folded 90 degrees directly. It covers an area of less than 0.3 ㎡. It is free of installation and can be used when it is opened. It has functions such as heart rate detection, wireless charging of mobile phones, aromatherapy air purification, Bluetooth connection, brushless motor, APP management, etc. At the same time, the shock absorption function is also very powerful, which can achieve the effect of knee protection

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Model A2
Voltage 220V
Screen LED
Running area 430X1220MM
G.W 30KG
Smart connection Bluetooth
Max. Weight 120kg
Expand size 1340x710x1240mm
Folding size 180x710x1340mm
Packing size 1520x770x230mm



Product Description

1.DAPAO A2 90° Upright wall Walking Bluetooth intelligent Treadmills, The wireless charging receiver is suitable for all types of mobile phones. It can be charged by putting it on, and it can be used continuously for fitness. The long waiting time for charging makes people anxious. This design prevents this kind of accident. If the mobile phone is out of power during the sports play, just put it there. Whether it is the vertical screen, the horizontal screen or the PAD, you can get a good experience.

2.Synflyer ™ Shock absorption, knee pad noise reduction, no worries for neighbors, flexible deformation produces comfortable rebound shock absorption by using the shock absorption principle of running shoes, the upper layer performs well in shock absorption, the lower layer has obvious shock absorption effect, and the double-layer shock absorption complements each other. It is targeted research and development to solve the problem of knee injury caused by the rebound of traditional treadmill without shock absorption.

3.Mute and low noise. Silent buffer damping technology, automatic operation to reduce friction and achieve effective noise reduction.

4.Say goodbye to blind practice. The coach can guide online at any time. The exercise effect is twice the result with half the effort. It is no longer a lonely persistence. It gives you more reasons to persist.

5.Simple design is a machine made for families. It is light and thin, with a professional speed adjustment of 1-12km/h to meet the needs of the whole family for exercise. The online red aromatherapy can create an atmosphere, fresh air, refresh the mind, relax the body and mind, and exercise more fresh. The fully folded design can be folded at 90 °, and the floor area does not exceed 0.3 m2.

6.Choosing it is something you will never regret in your life. Hurry up, add a luster to your life, and make the most correct choice for your exercise career.

Product Details

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