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Is it necessary for a treadmill to have incline adjustment?

Slope adjustment is a functional configuration of a Treadmill, also known as a lift treadmill. Not all models are equipped with it. Slope adjustment is also divided into manual slope adjustment and electric adjustment.In order to reduce user costs, some treadmills omit the slope adjustment function, thus improving the cost performance.

1.What are the benefits of slope adjustment?

The slope of a treadmill is a way to increase exercise intensity. Compared with a non-angled treadmill, a treadmill with slope adjustment can greatly improve the effect of aerobic training.Allowing you to consume more calories and achieve better cardiopulmonary exercise results in the same period of time.It simulates the user’s process of climbing a mountain or going uphill. For example, you can choose to increase the incline of the treadmill to increase your exercise effect without increasing the speed.If your cardiopulmonary function is not very good and you cannot tolerate high-speed, high-intensity exercise, the incline is a good helper.

2.How practical is slope adjustment?

In actual use, slope adjustment definitely has its role, and it will be more practical for professional running users.For people who are not professional fitness professionals, running for half an hour may be more practical.


3.How much should the angle be adjusted?

Under normal circumstances, the incline of the treadmill is adjustable in multiple levels within the range of 0-12%, and some imported brands can even reach 25%.Excessive slope adjustment is generally rarely used.Users can choose the slope according to their own needs.

When the inclination of the treadmill is 0, it is equivalent to running on flat ground. Of course, the speed can be adjusted according to your needs.Under normal circumstances, in order to get closer to the feeling of real road running, some friends will adjust the gradient by 1 to 2%. This can simulate the fact that there is no 100% smooth road surface during road running, and the running feeling will be more realistic.In addition, when increasing the incline of the treadmill, the speed must be reduced, otherwise the pressure on the knees will be considerable.

Treadmills with built-in slopes can better coordinate with treadmill courses, improve fat burning efficiency, help you maintain a running posture similar to road running, and can simulate mountain climbing.Some professional treadmill experts will also adjust the incline to 1%-2% every time they run, because this can simulate the wind resistance of outdoor running and make indoor running closer to road running.However, it is not recommended for beginners to increase the slope. After gaining some experience, the difficulty can be increased appropriately.

Post time: Nov-03-2023