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Gym Equipment Training–DAPOW Sport Gym Equipment Manufacturer

On November 5, 2023, in order to strengthen the knowledge of using fitness equipment, further improve product expertise, and provide better services, DAPOW Sport fitness equipment manufacturer organized DAPOWS fitness equipment use and testing training. We invited Mr. Li, the director of DAPOW, who has six years of experience in fitness equipment, to demonstrate to us. As the 5th training in 2023, this training is very meaningful and allows us to learn more about our fitness equipment, including old and new series.

Teams from DAPOW Sport Gym Equipment manufacturer had the training in our New Gym Equipment showroom, and under the guidance of the factory director, we trained every Gym Machine and tested every detail. Every member from DAPOW commercial gym equipment manufacturer was full of energy trying every machine in the showroom and testing the gym machines, mastering the use of each gym equipment and all the functions. Through the training, staff in DAPOW Sport gym equipment manufacturer had a great experience, known how to introduce the equipment to our clients professionally and felt the charm of the Fitness Equipment as well as the teams from DAPOW Sport gym equipment manufacturer.


DAPOW Sport gym equipment manufacturer has always committed to producing the more and more scientific and effective new gym equipment. And when we finish a new series of gym equipment, we will organize a training to let the staff have a better understanding of the gym equipment with personal experience, so that we can offer the clients professional advice and recommendation.

DAPOW Sport gym equipment manufacturer has been always professional in offering full range of durable gym equipment and best service. And we are becoming stronger and more confident!Contact DAPOW commercial gym equipment manufacturer to know more about us!

Post time: Nov-06-2023