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40-foot container fitness equipment shipped to Germany–DAPOW Fitness Equipment Factory

Today we are working hard for loading GYM Equipment to Chile. DAPOW Exercise Equipment are becoming more and more famous all over the world and we have been receiving more and more orders. We have been trying every effort to produce the exercise equipment. Recently, we are working day and night to load the exercise equipment to Germany. The new gym owner in Germany visited our factory and placed an order of full Gym Equipment one month ago, and as soon as we confirmed the order, DAPOW exercise equipment factory arranged the production and we finally delivered the exercise equipment on time. Congratulations to the the new gym in Germany which is going to open next month!


Many clients will worry about the delivery date, because maybe some small companies will be hard to solve many orders so that they will either delay the delivery date or offer the exercise equipment without any guarantee. But DAPOW gym equipment Factory certainly never meet such a problem, because we have 20,000 square feet of modern production base, fully meet the production. If the season is full of orders, the project manager will communicate with our clients in advance, to be completed on time and certain delivery on time. We promise to offer the best quality exercise equipment and the fastest delivery.

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Post time: Oct-09-2023