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DAPOW 0340 New office-use treadmill with desktop

Short Description:

- The effective area of the running belt is 40 * 1050 mm.

- Speed of 1-12km/h

- Easy to remove buckle, desktop can be easily loaded and unloaded

- The treadmill is equipped with Cushion pade, which can environmentally recoil during exercise and exercise more quietly.

- Folds horizontally to fit under beds and sofas without taking up much space.

Product Detail

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Motor power DC2.5HP
Voltage 220-240V/110-120V
Speed range 1.0-12KM/H
Running area 400X1050MM
Max. load capacity


Product Description

1, DAPAO factory introduces the latest treadmill with desktop, 400*1050mm wide treadmill for office use.

2, 0340 treadmill running speed: 1-12km/h, suitable for home, office and other scenarios, so that can be used for running exercise at home.

3, 0340 treadmill machine increased desktop design, users can put Mackbook, Pad and phine placed on it, while exercise, while watching videos or office.

4, 0340 office treadmill more silent, in addition to the regular motor used when the ultra-quiet design, the running board increased buffer pad design, one is to reduce the reaction force generated by the movement, the second is more silent, even in the office use will not disturb colleagues.

5, horizontal folding design, so that the treadmill does not use the time occupies less space, can be placed under the bed, sofa bottom, or erected in the corner.

Product Details


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